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Battery Powered Function Gen - PCB and Parts Kit

view projectPCB and Parts Kit  (Part# BATFUNCGENKIT)Size: 5 x 7 x 3 in. shpg bxT..


Bipolar Cap 10uF 50V

Bipolar Cap 10uF 50V    view projectSALE OF THIS ITEM IS FINAL AND NON-RETURNABL..


Bipolar Cap 1uF 50V

Bipolar Cap 1uF 50V    view projectSALE OF THIS ITEM IS FINAL AND NON-RETURNABLE..


Board Mounting Kit

Set as Shown  (Part# BOARDMOUNTINGHAR)Size: N/AThis board mounting set comes wit..


College EE Modular PCB Bundle

This is a great project for a college EE major. Please see the MFOS Modular PCB Bundles page for det..


Echo Rockit - Panel

Echo Rockit    view project Panel  (Part# PANMFECHONONE01) Size:&..


Echo Rockit - PCB

Echo Rockit    view projectPCB  (Part# PCBMFECHONONE01)Size: ..


Echo Rockit - PCB and Panel

Echo Rockit    view projectPCB and Panel  (Part# BNDMFECHONONE01)..


Echo Rockit - PCB and Parts Kit

Echo Rockit    view project PCB and Parts Kit  (Part# ECHOROCKITK..


Echo Rockit - PCB, Parts Kit and Panel

Echo Rockit    view project PCB, Parts Kit and Panel  (Part# ECH..


Echo Rockit Add-Ons - (LM78L05, LM79L05, (4)1uF Ta. )

You can buy most of these components from other sources, I sell them here as a convenience. If you c..





LF444CN quad lo pwr jfet op amp

LF444CN quad lo pwr jfet op amptube contains 25 ICsDIP-14 case..

Priced from
$1.58 to $27.00

Matched 2N3904s And Tempco

Matched 2N3904s And Tempco    view projectSALE OF THIS ITEM IS FINAL AND NON-RET..