Elettrorama Echo Rockit Tabletop Synth

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elettrorama echo rockit desktop synth


It’s all analogue, has a single oscillator running a square wave, a 2-pole, 12dB low pass filter with resonance, and an LFO with square and triangle waves. The important feature is the built-in delay and echo that provides the name. With just a handful of controls it can produce a remarkable amount of sound. You could see it perhaps as a bit like the Korg Monotron Delay or the Bastl Kastle – something that just loves to make noises.

The delay circuit uses a PT2399 chip which is designed to produce echoes in the range of 40ms to 340ms. The Rocket lets you push past that limitation by reducing the clock rate, although they are at pains to say that this does introduce a lot of noise because of the single bit A to D conversion mechanism.

You have an audio input for processing external signals at either line or mic level and 2 CV inputs over the filter. There’s no 1V/Oct for the oscillator, this is more of an exploratory sound generating device than a playable instrument. Just as an effects processor for your other synths or modular it’s pretty useful.

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