MFOS Phase Shifter 8-Stage



MFOS Phase Shifter 8-Stage, MOTM

MOTM DIY Analog Modular / Bridechamber / Music From Outer Space

This is the first in our series of module kits that combine the best of Music From Outer Space, the MOTM DIY Analog Modular format and Bridechamber! A blast back to earlier days of synth DIY –

This full synthCube kit combines Ray Wilson’s 8-Stage Phase Shifter PCB with the Bridechamber-designed MOTM format panel. 

The Panel+PCB bundle includes the panel, PCB and 2XMFOS Universal Mounting Brackets

The PCB mounts to the panel using the MFOS Universal Mounting Brackets. Some builders may choose to use a three-pot ‘stooge’ bracket for additional strength. 


  • Switchable 4 or 8 stage phase shifter.
  • Variable feedback ranges from mild swooshing to raucous mind bending.
  • Two external control voltage inputs.
  • Pseudo stereo output when 4 stage and 8 stage outputs are used.
  • Transconductance amp based phase shift cells.
  • On-Board LFO produces Triangle and Ramp waves.
  • Phase angle is modulated in a logarithmic fashion.
  • 8 Stages of phase shift result in some sweet barber pole effect.


  • With high feedback settings you get a bit of oscillation, depending on osc. rate.
  • With ramp wave setting you get some control voltage feedthrough (and the above).
  • Not a noise generator but not a piece of L.A. studio equipment.
  • Makes a pop when switching between 4 and 8 stages.

All of the original descriptions, schematic, build notes etc can be found on the original Music From Outer Space website

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