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MFOS Stereo Panning Mixer PCB

 MFOS Stereo Panning Mixer Synth Module Bare PCB(stereo audio mixer label on PCB)co..


MFOS VC LFO Analog Synth Module PCB

 MFOS VC LFO Synth Module Bare PCBproduct page: mfos vc lfoWe also offer the s..

Priced from
$20.00 to $105.00

MFOS VCF State Variable 12dB Synth Module Bare PCB

MFOS VCF State Variable Synth Module Bare PCBproduct page: mfos state variable vcfcontent court..


MFOS Vocoder 12 Channel

MFOS 12 Channel Vocoder product page: mfos vocoderComponent kit includes all the p..

Priced from
$75.00 to $245.00

MFOS Voltage Quantizer Synth Module PCB

 MFOS Voltage Quantizer Synth Module Bare PCBproduct page: mfos voltage quantizer ..


MFOS Wave Former, 2 PCB Set

MFOS Wave Former, 2 PCB Setproduct page: mfos wave formercontent courtesy of ray wilson:Feature..


Blacet PS800 Synthesizer Power Supply, Enclosed +/-15V 1A 24W

 original enclosed power supply from Blacet Researchrated 1A for both +15V and -15V ; r..


College EE Modular PCB Bundle

This is a great project for a college EE major. Please see the MFOS Modular PCB Bundles page for det..


MFOS 16-Step Sequencer (MOTM)

 MFOS 16-Step Sequencer (MOTM)motm format panel design by dj thomas white/bridechamber,..

Priced from
$36.00 to $495.00

MFOS Euro VC LFO (SMT Aluminum)

 MFOS Euro VC LFO (SMT - Aluminum Version) We acquired music from outer s..

Priced from
$9.00 to $145.00