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MFOS VC LFO Analog Synth Module PCB

 MFOS VC LFO Synth Module Bare PCBproduct page: mfos vc lfoWe also offer the s..

Priced from
$20.00 to $105.00

Alien Screamer - Comp Kit (w/PCB and Panel)

Alien Screamer    view projectComp Kit (w/PCB and Panel)  (Part# ..


Echo Rockit - Panel

Echo Rockit     view project  Panel  (Part# PANMFECHON..


Echo Rockit - PCB and Panel

Echo Rockit    view projectPCB and Panel  (Part# BNDMFECHONON..


MFOS Euro VC LFO (SMT Aluminum)

 MFOS Euro VC LFO (SMT - Aluminum Version) We acquired music from outer s..

Priced from
$9.00 to $145.00

MFOS Sound Lab Mini-Synth MARK II - Panel and PCB Bracket

view project  Panel and PCB Bracket  (Part# SLMARKII17X7PANE)Size: ..


Weird Sound Generator - Comp. Kit (w/PCB and Panel)

view project  Comp. Kit (w/PCB and Panel)  (Part# WSGCOMPKITWFP)Size:&n..


Weird Sound Generator - Front Panel

Weird Sound Generator    view projectFront Panel  (Part# PANMFWSG..